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Sicilian cooking is undeniably the most complex and colorful in Italy. The dishes on a Sicilian table represent the various cuisine of many civilizations that passed through the island. From Greek, Romans, Byzantines, Normans, French, Spanish, English and finally northern Italians.
Not only history has shaped the cooking style of Sicily, the southern Mediterranean climate has had  its influence, favoring the use of olive oil and fish over that of beef and pork fat.
In my cooking classes I will share with you my family's traditions and some of the most  popular recipes from the South region of Italy, specifically Sicily, the island where I was born.
At my cooking classes, private parties, and team-building events, students will learn the secrets of the Italian food prepared at home with hands on cooking lessons, in an enjoyable flavourfull experience.
A presto.
Maria Luisa Manca